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Intertanko: Working to Enhance the Image of Shipping
Summer 2008

Acting on behalf of 330 members representing nearly 3,000 tankers or 80 percent of the world’s independent oil tanker fleet, INTERTANKO is one of the most important representatives of the tanker community at international, national, regional and local levels. Jennifer Schlueter, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications was recently appointed chair of INTERTANKO’s Communications and Public Relations (CPR) advisory committee, joining Capt. Robert Johnston and 11 other OSG shoreside staff as members of this important and influential shipping NGO (non-governmental organization). INTERTANKO’s vision for shipping is to foster an awareness of “a responsible, sustainable, respected tanker industry, committed to continuous improvement and constructively influencing its future.” With much negative global perception derived from spills and accidents, there is work to be done. Facts such as one liter of fuel on a modern VLCC moves one ton of cargo more than 2,500 kilometers, more than twice as far as 20 years ago, speaks positively about changes in an industry that transports 60 percent of the world’s oil.

Emphasizing the Human Element
An important part of INTERTANKO’s 2008 agenda is the human element. INTERTANKO’s guiding principle is that “human resources should be respected as an asset, not treated as a cost.” OSG is no different than most major shipping companies in its efforts to emphasize recruiting, training and retention as critical elements of long-term success. INTERTANKO advocates many actions that will resonate with our seafarers: working to reduce multiple and overlapping inspections; promoting solutions to lessen the technical and operational burdens of equipment, systems and associated paperwork; and promoting higher standards of accommodations. These and other programs were outlined in a speech recently given by Peter M. Swift, Managing Director of INTERTANKO.

Environmental Agenda
INTERTANKO’s environmental agenda and its desire to show proactive leadership on the climate change issue is very much in line with OSG’s environmental philosophy. Both organizations seek to be driving forces and agents of change in matters of air, sea and land pollution, leading initiatives such as: Anti-fouling Emissions, Ballast Water Management, Biofouling Ship Recycling, Port Reception Facilities Waste Management Marine Noise, Pollution Spill Prevention and Response Planning, VOC Reductions, Atmospheric Pollution, Green House Gas Emissions and Environmental Benchmarking.

INTERTANKO also seeks to have tanker companies act in parallel with respect to self-regulation and imposed regulations. What does that mean? It means shipping companies are encouraged to share and adopt best practices and work toward producing industry guidelines and standardized programs and procedures. In his annual letter, INTERTANKO’s Chairman Nick Fistes says, “We are constantly under the spotlight, being watched by regulators, politicians and the public; surveyed and inspected by flag states, class societies and insurers; monitored by charterers, coastal states and port states; and scrutinized by the media.” This is why improving public perception is on INTERTANKO’s agenda and is where the CPR Advisory Group comes into play. Its role is to advise on ways INTERTANKO can enhance the industry’s image and relations with stakeholders through transparency, information and proactive communications.

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