OSG is the second largest publicly traded tanker company in the world
A leading provider of global energy transportation services, OSG owns and operates a fleet of international and U.S. Flag vessels that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products and liquefied natural gas (LNG) worldwide.

Our modern, well maintained fleet and commitment to high quality, incident-free service positions us as the preferred cargo carrier of major oil and gas companies, refiners and traders throughout the world.

Founded in 1948, OSG has operated through multiple shipping cycles, making adjustments to our business as needed to compete and succeed. In November 2012 we began the process of Chapter 11 reorganization. We anticipate completing our financial restructuring in the second half of 2014, emerging  with two business units:  U.S. Flag, which is experiencing its strongest performance in the history of the Company, and International Flag, which is transforming financially and operationally to leverage the opportunities available in today's international shipping markets. Upon emergence from Chapter 11, OSG will move forward  to meet the expectations of our customers, stockholders and employees. Throughout our history and into the future, our business goals remain to:

  • Provide safe, efficient and reliable transportation to customers
  • Ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance throughout our organization
  • Attract investment by providing stockholders with superior returns
  • Create a rewarding and challenging work environment for employees